About Us

In 2021, I (Jordan here!) did a 100 day challenge to learn about crypto through the eyes of a beginner and shared my journey on Tik Tok.

At the time, the crypto market had picked up speed and everyone was talking about Bitcoin. So I started from ground zero, not having a single ounce of knowledge or interest in crypto.

Needless to say I found the entire experience confusing, frustrating and overwhelming like so many people do. Sharing my journey publicly felt like a complete comedy of errors. But I kept going and it clicked: this is why people are excited about crypto.

Dear Crypto’s co-Founder, Samantha became a frequent commenter on my Tik Tok’s and we eventually connected over how to make crypto a less scary topic for people like us.

Over nine months of brainstorming and late-night chats, we crafted a course that we wish existed when we started.

So, in creating for you what we didn’t have our hope is that Dear Crypto gives you the perfect start point. We cover everything you need to know like how Bitcoin works, why Rai Stones matter, banking failures of the 21st century, crypto wallets, Ethereum and more.

If you’re not convinced, scroll down and give our letters a read. Whenever you decide to jump onboard and start learning with Dear Crypto, we’ll be waiting on the other side!


Dear Crypto...