Dear Crypto

In 2021, I did a 100 day challenge to learn everything I possibly could about cryptocurrency and shared my journey on TikTok.

I didn't know who to trust or how to find the right information, and found the entire learning process overwhelming, confusing and awkward. Dear Crypto is everything I would do differently if I had my time over. 

By being an early supporter, you'll get:

  • access to 30 lessons of video content
  • a workbook to help you retain your knowledge
  • access to a private Discord community where you can further your understanding in a judgement-free zone
  • full access to all future content added to Dear Crypto, completely free of charge
  • a digital, verified certificate upon course completion

In creating for you what I didn’t have, our hope is that Dear Crypto will give you the ultimate start point for own learning journey. 

So, together with the Dear Crypto community, we're here to help you jump in. There's no obvious start and truly no end to how much you can explore and learn in this space, and that’s part of the excitement. See you in there!

Jordan & Samantha

Disclaimer: Dear Crypto is not a financial product. No information or content provided by Dear Crypto, including discussion in the Dear Crypto Discord server, is financial advice. Dear Crypto does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. If you require assistance with your personal finances, business finances or financial wellbeing, we encourage you to seek advice from a qualified professional. Dear Crypto is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

What People Are Saying:

Just finished watching all the videos and I though it was filmed really well. All the visuals are amazing. A great intro into crypto for beginners with some great info offered. I would definitely recommend to someone who has no idea about crypto but wants to learn 🙂


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